Rider ChecklisT


for your bike

Epic adventures or a ride to the corner store — these essentials will keep you hydrated and keep you rolling. You'll quickly find out how essential they are when you're thirsty on a hot day or when you get a flat with miles to go... or both!

for your Body

Safety and comfort — cycling shorts and gloves help keep your hands and 'hind comfortable, allowing long days in the saddle. Helmets provide protection when accidents happen, provide shade and cooling to head and most importantly, they look cool.

Additional Gear

for your bike

This goes in the "You might like these" column. Not essential but good to have for when it gets dark and you need to be seen. Pedals & cleats make you more efficient and therefore faster. A lock, frame bag and kickstand are good for grocery stops and roadside picnics.

Increase your comfort...
...Get STyle Points

Bike-specific apparel keeps you cool, comfortable and looking like you mean it. A jersey can offer additional places to put your phone and latte money.

Don't Forget

In addition to the above, you may think about sunscreen. Long days in the sun can be harmful to your skin and sunburn is no fun. Bike specific nutrition will keep you fueled-up while offering something tasty treats for getting up that long climb. For those mechanical breakdowns you can't repair a quick phone call can get you out of a sticky situation.. And the other multitudes of digital ride tools - maps, the Specialized Ride app, and a camera app for taking pics of beautiful vistas and good times with ride buddies. Oh, and tag us @SpecializedAustin and let us know how the ride went.

Make Rides Happen

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